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The answer to this question is you need to hire a personal injury attorney just as soon as you possibly can following an accident. Because the insurance companies started working out how to trip you up and defeat your claim the minute the accident happened. Every hour of delay gives them a head start.

Unfortunately, there is an urban legend out there that you can represent yourself, or settle your own claim, and “save” the percentage that a real personal injury would charge. The harsh reality is that is the surest way to get screwed. It is well known in the insurance industry that people with lawyers get 4 to6 times more in settlements than people without lawyers in a legal battle. Even worse, while the insurance company is stringing you along with ‘negotiations’ the critical physical evidence disappears, such as the damaged vehicles, the event data recorders, eyewitnesses, video footage of the accident.

By hiring a real personal injury lawyer from STORY CITY ATTORNEYS law firm to represent you immediately after the crash, the insurance company will recognize and understand that you are serious about the case and evaluate it higher. By having an experienced personal injury lawyer take over, evidence gets preserved, and you get solid legal advice every step of the way from how to get your car repaired or paid for, wage loss, medical expenses, and access to the best medical care.

Understanding what a wrongful death claim begins with learning what it is not. A wrongful death claim is not a criminal prosecution. It will not result in prison time or fines with a conviction. The district attorney takes no part in bringing these causes of action.

Instead, a wrongful death claim is a civil lawsuit. If your claim is successful, it will result in financial compensation from the at-fault party. These claims can result from any death that is caused by the negligence of another person or entity.

Wrongful death claims can result from a wide range of negligent acts. Some of the most common examples of wrongful death claims include car accidents, sporting accidents, violent crime, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, or slip and fall injuries just to name a few.